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Red Eyes

I know its close to Christmas and most of us would rather not think about demons however, since they exist, I thought we might discuss an aspect of demons that make them pretty easy to spot in the dark…their red eyes!

How would I know?  I’ve seen them!

When I was a kid, my elder sisters brought them to our house with some impromptu satanism.  My sister Barbara and I were quite young and slept in the same room with the two older girls who were responsible.  My sister Barb woke up and saw the eyes, woke me up and pointed them out to me…thanks Barb.

We found them in every window of the house!

Those eyes will always be in my mind as the things I’d rather not see again…EVER!  Since then I’ve developed my own ways of making sure they never return so I’m not too concerned, but I have a question for you…Have YOU ever seen them?

Go ahead!  Share!  I want to know!  Your story could be posted on our Facebook page…so get crackin’ and write!Image

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Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses

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